A successful building project starts with a qualified licensed Architect.
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This is where the architect sits with the client and determines in list format what is required - required square footages, budget, schedule and essentially needs vs. wants.
schematic design /design development
construction documents / bidding
construction administration
dctDESIGNS will guide you through the process, illustrated on this page, to help ensure your project meets your needs. Although dctDESIGNS can be hired to complete this process we are available to provide pricing for a select few of the processes if needed
The architect then takes the list generated above and creates a flow diagram. From this we develop a floor plan and then delve deeper into design. Our goal is to see the idea be realized in plans and elvations.
These are the documents which allow the builder to realize the project in the built environment. These documents will then be used to secure bids from general contractors, in turn the architect can analyze these bids and recommend a particular contractor.
Often overlooked is the construction administration portion of a project. This is where things may change due to unforseen conditions and it is very helpful to have the architect's opinion and knowledge of codes prior to changes which deviate from the plans.